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Bridgestone GuysGroup Photo Group Photo-50

Wildcat Photo-50

Bridgestone Guys-50

Mayor Alexander-50

Roy Mendoza-50

Side view of Truck-50Tires-50

Frank and Mayor-50

Frank and Roy-50

Mayor and Bridgestone Crew-50

Mayor and Dan-50

Bridgestone Crew unloading Trailer-50



4th Grade-1st Place-Dominic Rodriguez 4th Grade, 1st Place-Dominic Rodriguez

4th Grade-2nd Place-Alexia Dominguez

4th Grade, 2nd Place-Alexia Dominguez

4th Grade-3rd Place-Yiana Gonzalez

4th Grade, 3rd Place-Viana Gonzalez

5th Grade- 1st Place-Tyler Calkins

5th Grade, 1st Place-Tyler Calkins

Grandprize Winner

5th Grade-2nd Place-Laila Subia

5th Grade, 2nd Place-Laila Subia

5th Grade-3rd Place-Ludsarely Jimenez

5th Grade, 3rd Place-Ludsarely Jimenez


Grand prize winner whose artwork will be featured on a Fort Stockton Sanitation truck is: Tyler Calkins, Intermediate student!

1st Place Winner whose artwork will be featured on the KHFSB Trash-Off T-Shirts is: Dominic Rodriguez

Thank you so much to each of the contestants!


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