Assistant City Manager


Under direction of City Manager, manages Administrative, Planning, Public Works Services and Inspections Departments, or others as assigned and performs other related duties as required. Serves in the absence of the City Manager.


Oversees the annual budget for the Planning, Public Services and Inspections Departments, and others as assigned. Oversees budget for special funds. Monitors expenditures during the year and makes recommendations for budget modifications when necessary. General leadership and management of the City’s planning, development, infrastructure and public services. Provides assistance to City Council and City Manager in policy evaluation and implementation. Makes presentations to City Council, Boards and Commissions and to the public on a regular basis. Represents the City in regional initiatives and intergovernmental relations.  Ability to effectively communicate with elected and appointed officials, citizens and others such as property owners, developers, engineers, and real estate agents in order to provide information regarding ordinances, regulations and policies. Coordinates work of the departments;  assists in preparing monthly reports, and budget; prepares documents and reports to local, state, and federal regulatory agencies;  assists in developing policies, procedures and long range plans for implementation within the departments;  assists in preparing specifications for the purchase of materials, supplies, equipment, vehicles, etc.  Effectively and courteously communicates with the public and other employees by presentation, orally, or in person, in private or public meetings; sits for extended periods of time, writing and reviewing reports, correspondences, and compiling statistical data;  handles customer complaints.


Knowledge and experience in management and supervision. General knowledge of land use planning and development, subdivision and zoning regulations, economic development and other aspects of development. General knowledge of engineering, development principles and public infrastructure and ability to read and interpret plans. Ability to seek and manage grants. Knowledge of annexation and right-of-way acquisition methods. Ability to compile, organize and present statistical and other data. Ability to perform research and devise procedures and methods for public information projects. Ability to write well- reasoned and concise reports and ability to make presentations before boards, commissions and other groups. Ability to work with City Attorney to write ordinances and policies. Ability to effectively communicate with elected officials, citizens and others such as property owners, developers, engineers, and real estate agents to provide information regarding ordinances, regulations and other related policies. Ability to deal tactfully with elected officials, associates and the public. Ability to effectively manage personnel and outside contracts.  Ability to solve problems in innovative, effective and


equitable ways. Working knowledge of the operation of computers, productivity and presentation software, and geographic information systems.  Ability to walk long distances (up to 1 mile).  Subject to 24 hours on call.  Computer skills including use of the internet, electronic mail, and the network.  Provide services to the general public when emergency conditions warrant it, either in preparation for, or as a reaction to, one or more disastrous events such as: a civil disturbance, hurricane, tornado, earthquake, flood, ice storm, fire, chemical accident including a hazardous material spill, possible public exposure to hazardous conditions, or other disasters which threaten the safety of the citizens.



High School Diploma or GED; Texas Driver License Class “B”; Bachelor’s Degree in business management, public administration, urban planning, engineering or related field.  Will be required to attend accredited training courses in street construction and maintenance, solid waste collection and disposal, water and wastewater distribution, collection, and maintenance.



At least seven (7) years of experience in business management, municipal management, urban planning, or equivalent combination of education and experience in a responsible administrative and managerial position.