Public Works

LuisPublic Works Director 
Luis Guerra

Phone: (432) 336-3092
Fax: (432) 336-3084


To preserve, improve and construct Fort Stockton’s’ infrastructure and facilities to provide effective, safe, and efficient protection of property, movement of people and goods, and access to city facilities for citizens of Fort Stockton.

Welcome to the Office of the Director
The Department of Public Works is dedicated to excellence in developing and maintaining an advanced infrastructure to meet the needs of our growing community. In order to service the City of Fort Stockton, Public Works consists of several smaller divisions that provide various services. These divisions include Water/Wastewater Department, Street Maintenance Department, Gas Department, Sanitation/Landfill Department, and Code Enforcement  Department.

In the Office of the Director, administrative staff work closely with each division to ensure proper delivery of services in a timely manner. Providing excellent customer service to the citizens of our community is also vitally important.

We hope this website serves as a resource for you to access daily updates on the Department of Public Works.

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