City of Fort Stockton Street Department



The mission of the Streets Division is to provide quality service relating to the maintenance of the city’s infrastructure, improving the quality of life for citizens through timely response, and recognition of present and future needs.


Welcome to the Street Maintenance Department! We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of service and ensuring that street rehabilitation projects are completed on time and within budget. Within the City, there are more than 80 centerline miles of city streets and alleyways for which the Street Maintenance Division is charged with maintaining and rehabilitating.

Currently, the 2009-2013 Capital Improvement Plan (CIP), a plan which is approved by City Council annually, provides guidance on the projects to be completed during the current and upcoming fiscal years.  The CIP was developed to enable divisions in Public Works (Streets, Water, Wastewater, and Gas) to coordinate efforts and eliminate redundancy in planning. The CIP is a rolling, 5-year plan which calls for additional projects to be added to the program each upcoming year during budget season.

Street Services

The Streets Division of the Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining and preserving city streets which is achieved through:

  • Periodic inspections
  • Street sweeping
  • The roadside drainage maintenance program
  • Graffiti removal (on public property)
  • The routine maintenance programs

E-mail your comments or concerns regarding City construction projects, street conditions, water or sanitary sewer services or drainage to Department Supervisor Roy Mendoza.

To request services that do not involve a hazardous situation, call 432-336-8525 or make a request via the Web to the Public Works Department.

To request a service for traffic control devices (stop signs, traffic lights, pavement markings, turn lanes, speed limits, and speed bumps) and streetlights, call 432-336-8525.

To make inquiries or complaints about work done by the Street Services Department, call 432-336-8525.


Street Repairs
Report street repairs, including repairs to potholes to City Services at 432-336-8525.  Please indicate if the repair need is HAZARDOUS so an emergency response crew can be immediately dispatched.  Routine repairs will be performed as workloads permit.

Alley Repairs
To obtain alley repairs call City Services at 432-336-8525.  The Department of Street Services will inspect the location and schedule repairs as needed.

Sidewalk or Drive Approach Repairs / Replacements
The adjacent property owner is responsible for all repairs or replacement of sidewalks and drive approaches.  Hazardous conditions should be reported to the City Services at 432-336-8525.  Street Services will make temporary repairs with asphalt or barricade the sidewalk to make it safe and notify the property owner(s) of the need to make the necessary repairs.

Permanent repairs made with concrete may be done by the property owner or a private contractor provided a permit is issued by the City of Fort Stockton Code Enforcement Office.

Curb Repairs / Replacements
Curb repair or replacement is only done where the curb is hazardous or where curb displacement is causing a significant standing water problem.  Curb repair concerns should be called in to City Services at 432-336-8525.  The Department of Street Services will make a determination of the need.



Private Responsibilites

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