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ALL coaches, players, and parents need to be especially aware of unsportsmanlike conduct and the Recreations “zero tolerance” policy. Please note that if a player, coach, or spectator is ejected from a game because of their conduct an automatic one-game suspension will be assessed. The Rec Board reserves the right to increase the penalty according to the circumstances involved and follow the Recreation Department decorum.


1. Player ejection will be the current game unless it is at the end of the game, then the ejection will be the next game.

2. Volunteer, fan normal ejection will be current game plus one game suspension.

3. Volunteers and fans who get in arguments during practices will serve a one game suspension, unless profanity is used (5 games), or law enforcement is called. (Full calendar year)

4. Volunteer, fan ejection where there is a verbal confrontation with umpire will be current game plus two game suspensions.

5. Coaches who leave the playing area to argue with administrators or concession employees will serve current game plus four game suspensions.

6. Volunteer, fan ejection who refuses to leave the complex will be current game plus three game suspensions.

7. Volunteer, fan ejection that refuses to leave and causes a disturbance, uses profanity, or threatens the game administrator or Board member will be full year suspension. Full year ejections equal one calendar year.

8. Volunteer, fan ejection where law enforcement is summoned will be full year suspension. Full year ejections equal one calendar year.

9. Volunteer, fan who violates the social media rule will serve a one game suspension.

10. Repeat social media violators will follow the one game suspension as needed.

These violations and suspensions will apply to all coaches, Board Members, fans, and umpires.

These guidelines are not negotiable, and the Board or administrators must enforce any punishments as voted on.

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