The Department interacts with and supports all departments and agencies of the City by providing comprehensive financial services.


The Finance Department serves the citizens of the City of  Fort Stockton by providing financial, management, and accounting services support to the City Manager’s office and City departments through sound management of the City’s financial activities. Sound financial management is achieved by operating in accordance with State law, the City Charter, applicable ordinances, and policies of the governing body.The department’s objectives are to:

  • Demonstrate integrity, accountability, consistency, and professionalism.
  • Provide excellent customer service; emphasize strategic financial planning and performance reporting.
  • Maximize the effective and efficient use of public funds; follow directives and policies of our City Council and City Management.

The Department interacts with and supports all departments and agencies of the City by providing comprehensive financial services.  The Finance Department is organized into five divisions:  Office of the Director, Public Utilities, Payroll, Accounting, and Purchasing & Grants.

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Maria Rodriguez
Director of Finance
(432) 336-8525 ext. 111


Nilva Salinas

Assistant to the Director of Finance

Office: (432) 336-8525 ext. 110Nilva Salinas1

Fax: (432) 336-6273


The Accounting Division assists the Finance Director with development, maintenance, and administration of the City’s Accounting System.  Assisting with the preparation of the City’s Annual Financial Report and other periodic financial reports and the implementation and maintenance of accounting controls over the City’s financial resources are also responsibilities of this Division.

The Accounting Division functions include accounts payable, general ledger, grants, finance and capital projects, fixed assets, financial reporting, and accounts receivable.


Marisa Martinez

Accounts PayableMARI2

Office: (432) 336-8525 ext. 108

Fax: (432) 336-6273



Jessenia Villela

Office: (432) 336-8525 ext. 118

Fax: (432) 336-6273


The Payroll  Division manages the payroll process and works with Human Resources on Benefits and Other Financial Services.


Viri Salgado

Utilities Administrator

Office: (432)336-8525 ext. 106

Fax: (432) 336-6273


The Public Utilities Division of the Finance Department provides advice and assistance to the City Council and City Manager in their exercise of regulatory oversight over the City-provided Utilities, cable television companies, and broadband communications companies operating within the city limits.

Oversight of these entities includes making sure that they are in compliance with the provisions of franchise and license agreements, City Council Policies, state and federal laws and all rules and regulations established regarding policies or services rendered, monitoring commission and franchise fee payments made to the City, and monitoring each company’s use of the City’s rights-of-way. Pursuant to Federal Communications Commission (FCC) cable TV rules and regulations, municipalities have limited regulatory authority over basic tier rates and equipment and installation charges. The Cable Customer Service Line is (800)996-8788.

The Public Utilities Division also administers the City’s contracts for public telephone and default long distance service provided on City rights-of-way and at City facilities. The Public Utilities Division also monitors the utility expenses of all City Departments and provides assistance to each City department in budgeting and forecasting their utility expenses. The regulation of companies providing local phone and cable services is the responsibility of the Texas Public Utilities Commission (PUC) in Austin,
Texas. Complaints against companies providing local phone service should be filed with the PUC at (512)936-7120. The FCC in Washington, DC regulates  companies providing long distance service.

The FCC’s number is (888) 225-5322.


Maria RodriguezMaria Rodriguez1

Director of Finance

Office: (432) 336-8525  ext. 111

Fax: (432) 336-6273


The Purchasing & Grants Division is the primary division or orders, and administer term contracts.  The Director of  Purchasing & Grants may release purchase orders against contracts and issue non-contract purchases under $50,000.  The Director also oversees the City’s grant processes, from grant applications to grant management.


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