Historical Landmark Commission

The purpose of the Historical Landmark Commission is to protect, enhance and perpetuate historic landmarks which represent or reflect distinctive and important elements of the city’s and state’s cultural, social economic, political, archeological and architectural history and to develop appropriate settings for such places; to safeguard the city’s historic and cultural heritage as embodied and reflected in such historic landmarks by appropriate regulations; to stabilize and improve property values in such locations; to foster civic pride in the beauty and noble accomplishments of the past; to protect and enhance the city’s attractions to tourists and visitors and provide incidental support and stimulus to business and industry; to strengthen the economy of the city; and to promote the use of historic landmarks for the culture, prosperity, education and welfare of the people of the city and visitors to the city.  The Historical Landmark Commission shall meet at least once a month, with additional meetings upon call by the commission chairman or upon petition of a simple majority of commission members.

The historical preservation commission shall thoroughly familiarize itself with the buildings, land, areas and districts within the city which may be eligible for designation as historic landmarks and shall prepare a master plan for the development of historic resources hereinafter referred to as the preservation plan, which shall:
  • Identify and catalog buildings, land, areas and districts of historical, architectural, archaeological or cultural value along with statements of fact which verify their significance;
  • Identify criteria to be used in determining whether certain buildings, land, areas and districts should be designated as historic landmarks;
  • Identify guidelines to be used in determination of whether to grant or deny certificates of appropriateness for proposed alterations to the exterior of a designated historic landmark;
  • Assist in the formulation of a program for private and public action which will state the role of various city agencies in the preservation of historic landmarks;
  • Suggest sources of funds for preservation and restoration activities and for acquisitions which are to include federal, state, municipal, private and foundation sources; and
  • Recommend incentives for preservation.
The Historical Landmark Commission is appointed by the City Council and shall serve two-year, staggered terms.  The Commission shall be comprised of seven (7) members, five (5) shall be appointed from the citizens at large and at least two (2) shall be representatives from historical societies in the city.  All members shall have an interest in the field of history, art or architecture of the city.

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