Housing Authority Board

The Purpose of the Housing Authority Board is to assist in the location of Housing & Monetary Assistance for Payment of Utilities to the low income, disabled or mentally incompetent. The Housing Authority Board meets at City Hall once a month as needed, on the third Thursday of each month at 5:30 p.m.
The Housing Authority Board is appointed by the City Council and shall serve two-year, staggered terms.  The Board shall be comprised of five (5) members.  An appointed commissioner of the authority may not be an officer or employee of the municipality.  A commissioner may be:
  1. A tenant of a public project over which the housing authority has jurisdiction; or
  2. A person who is a recipient of housing assistance administered through the authority’s housing choice voucher program.

A certificate of the appointment of a commissioner shall be filed with the clerk of the municipality.  The certificate is conclusive evidence of the proper appointment of the commissioner.

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