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Public Works DirectorAaron Ramos1

Aaron Ramos

Phone: (432) 251-9676

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To preserve, improve and construct Fort Stockton’s’ infrastructure and facilities to provide effective, safe, and efficient protection of property, movement of people and goods, and access to city facilities for citizens of Fort Stockton.

Welcome to the Office of the Director

The Department of Public Works is dedicated to excellence in developing and maintaining an advanced infrastructure to meet the needs of our growing community. In order to service the City of Fort Stockton, Public Works consists of several smaller divisions that provide various services. These divisions include Water/Wastewater Department, Street Maintenance Department, Gas Department, Sanitation/Landfill Department, and Code Enforcement  Department.

In the Office of the Director, administrative staff work closely with each division to ensure proper delivery of services in a timely manner. Providing excellent customer service to the citizens of our community is also vitally important.

We hope this website serves as a resource for you to access daily updates on the Department of Public Works.


Department Supervisor


Phone: (432) 336-3092

Fax: (432) 336-3084



The Sanitation Department’s mission is to provide quality and professional customer service to the citizens of Fort Stockton through the efficient and timely collection and disposal of Solid Waste and Recyclables from more than 3,000 customers per week in an environmentally safe and cost efficient manner in accordance with State and Federal Regulations and City Policies.

Welcome to the Sanitation Department

This department is responsible for providing the citizens of the City of Fort Stockton with garbage and trash collection. The authorized departmental manning strength is 12 employees. The department services approximately 7,000 residences two times per week. It also services for approximately 400 business accounts with once a week to 6 times a week, and recyclables collection is provided once per week. Bulk trash disposal is provided every day throughout the city as an extra cost service.

For more information, please call  432-336-8525


Within the Corporate Limits.

(a) The rate to be charged by the City to sanitation customers within its corporate limits shall be based on twice weekly pickup for residential customers and a maximum of once daily (Monday through Saturday) for commercial customers. If commercial customers require more pickups than the stated maximum, the business will be charged accordingly.

(b) The schedule of sanitation rates to be charged to customers inside the city limits is as follows:

Rate Table #1

Type of Service

Monthly Charge

(1) All residential customers, including mobile homes, duplexes, triplexes, or quadruplexes, per unit. $37.00
(2) All residential customers, including mobile homes, duplexes, triplexes, or quadruplexes, per unit, qualifying for certain property tax exemptions,  as outlined in Sec.12-79. $24.37
(3) Churches without school. $32.00
Churches with school. Rate #5; Table No. 2 applies
(4) Apartments: Complexes with five (5) or more apartments–Rate of Twenty-Five Dollars & Sixty Cents ($25.80) per month for each apartment.  6Apartments are charged  in the apartment complex times Eighty (80%) percent occupancy rate per Thirty-Two Dollars ($32.00) for each apartment year equals Twenty-Five Dollars & Sixty Cents ($25.60).
(5) Commercial: All mercantile, professional, business, motels and schools. (See Rate Table No. 2)
(6) F.S.I.S.D.: Receives a 25% discount for fiscal year(s) 2009-2010; 20% for 2010-2011; 15% for 2011-2012; 10% for 2012-2013; & 5% for 2013-2014. Thereafter payment is due @ the current sanitation rate charge.
(7) 96 gallon roll-out cart with one (1) pickup per week for Residential customers outside the city limits will require a Fifty-Five Dollar ($55.00) deposit $32.00


Rate Table #2

The base rate for a Commercial container collected One (1) time per week shall be Sixty-Three Dollars ($71.00) per month.

Extra pickups for Commercial and Residential accounts inside city limits will be assessed a Twenty Dollar ($20.00) Service Charge and for Commercial accounts outside city limits a Thirty Dollar ($30.00) service charge will apply.

Bulk trash pickups for commercial  customers shall be assessed a service fee of Twenty Dollars ($20.00) per pickup in addition to the current rate fee of the Municipal Solid Waste Facility for the weight of the trash being disposed.

The corresponding rates for Commercial Accounts shall be:

Pick-up per Week

1 2 3 4 5 6

1 Container

$71 $96 $136 $176 $216 $256

*Minimum Rate

1 – 5 pickups per week–Monday through Friday, based on City collection route scheduling

6 pickups per week–Monday through Saturday

(c) Any customer not specifically enumerated in the schedule in subsection (b) will be charged a rate based upon estimated volume as estimated by the City Manager or someone under his direction.  If it is determined by the City Manager or his designee that a specific-type container will better serve the customer and/or be more advantageous to the sanitation collection system, the customer will be required to use that type container. Customers assigned 96-gallon carts will be responsible for replacement cost if the cart is damaged or lost.

Sanitation Services – Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I take a load of trash?

The City operates a landfill that will accept trash from residents.

What can I take to the landfill?

The following is a partial list of materials that are not accepted at the landfill or transfer stations.

  • Industrial waste
  • Radioactive waste
  • PCB contaminated waste
  • Medical waste
  • Asbestos
  • Soil from hazardous spills or underground storage tank leaks
  • Lead acid batteries
  • Used automotive oil filters
  • Refrigeration equipment containing CFC’s from sources other than resident
  • Any waste requiring written acknowledgment as proof of disposal

Other waste may be rejected for disposal if it is determined that it would create a nuisance by reason of emission, disagreeable odors or would operate to make the site unwholesome or adversely affect the public health, safety and welfare.

Where can residents recycle?

Currently, curbside recycling is not offered to residential customers, however, recyclable items may be taken to the Recycling Center located at 604 North Valentine Street.

Sanitation Services – Extra Cost Services

Construction or remodeling materials such as lumber or roofing materials can be picked up as a Cost Plus service, as well as on demand collection of brush/bulky objects outside of normal collection week. Call 432-336-8525  when calling from outside the city limits for a free estimate. Bricks, concrete, rocks, dirt, paint, oil, and hazardous containers are not collected in either the Cost Plus or regular brush and bulky trash collection services.

Pick-up garbage collection, other than curb or alley is available at an extra charge (exception: Pick-up for physically impaired persons residing without an able-bodied person in the household is provided at no extra charge upon approval of a completed application and Doctors Statement). Call 432-336-8525 when calling from outside the city limits for details and fees.

Brush and Bulky Waste Collection

The City of Fort Stockton Solid Waste Services Department provides Brush and Bulky Waste Collection to the residents. Call 432-336-8525 to inquire about your Brush/Bulky Waste collection service.

  • Brush and Bulky Waste Collection includes items such as furniture, appliances, and tree limbs.
  • Rock, scrap building materials or other trash resulting from construction or major remodeling, or resulting from general cleanup of vacant or improved property shall not be removed by the City. These items include but are not limited to interior and exterior remodeling materials, fencing and roofing materials. The owner shall have such trash and debris removed at owner’s expense.
  • Whether you’re planning a small bathroom remodel or a larger construction project, the City of Fort Stockton Solid Waste Services has a roll-off container that will fit your needs. Service includes the rental of a 20 or 30 yard, open-top roll-off container.
  • Tree limbs need to be cut in lengths of eight feet or less and in widths no more than two feet in diameter.
  • Items should not be placed near fire hydrants, gas meters, overhanging/low limbs, utility wires, utility poles, water meters, sprinkler heads, parked vehicles, etc. to ensure proper collection.
  • Loose items such as leaves, twigs and small branches should be bagged or boxed weighing 50 lbs or less. Bagged items weighing 50 lbs or less and/or small amounts of brush are collected by your regular residential refuse collection crews.
  • Items should be set at your front curbside no later than 7 a.m. the morning of collection.
  • When placing refrigerators at your curb for collection, please remove doors and contact 432-336-8525 immediately. Refrigerators will be removed as quickly as possible.

Roll-Off Container Service

Whether you’re planning a small bathroom remodel or a larger construction project, the City of Fort Stockton Solid Waste Services has a roll-off container that will fit your needs. Service includes the rental of a 20 or 30 yard, open-top roll-off container.

A roll-off is a temporary container and is referred to as “roll-off” because the container itself is typically configured with small wheels, and the vehicle used to deliver and pick up the container uses a hoist and a tipping bed to roll the container on and off at  each site.

Solid Waste Services will provide roll-off container service to a residential customer, with proof of a current City of Fort Stockton water account or to a commercial customer, business, church, governmental agency, or other entity, with proof of business status and location within the City of Fort Stockton.

Call 432-336-8525 to inquire about your Roll-off Container service.


Department Supervisor

Carlos IbarraCarlos Ibarra1

Phone: (432) 336-3954

Fax: (432) 336-6273


The landfill is located at 3400 Stone Road, north of the Interstate 10 and east of FM 1053.

Hours and Location: Waste is accepted between the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

To contact the landfill, please call (432) 336-3954

Fees/Charges: Fees are determined by the loaded vehicle weight that is used to transport waste to the landfill. All commercial entities must pay the fee(s) as listed in the table below regardless of vehicle size. An anti-litter fee will be charged if waste loads are not secured to prevent spillage. If the weighing scales at the landfill are temporarily inoperable, patrons will be charged based on vehicle size and category, as outlined in City of Fort Stockton  Code, Sec. 12.

General Rules:

  • Salvaging is not allowed.
  • Chemicals or flammable materials (i.e. gasoline, household cleaners, pool chemicals, etc.) or waste that is considered hazardous, unidentifiable or questionable cannot be disposed of at the landfill.
  • Roofing materials are accepted from residents in vehicles as described under the fees/charges section. Residents with roofing materials must have a roofing permit with their name and address matching their driver’s license.
  • Individuals are responsible for unloading their waste materials at the designated area. Individuals not unloading waste, especially children, should remain in their car.
  • Vehicles immobilized or left unattended will be towed at the owner’s expense.

Items that are recyclable at the landfill:

  • Automotive tires should be from a passenger car or light truck, only. Tires in the quantity of 5 at any 1 time, are charged $1 per tire, no more than 16 in a calendar month. 6 or more tires at a time are charged $1.50 per tire.
  • Appliances and metal materials are recycled at the landfill is separated from other waste, the vehicle fees stated above still apply.
  • Live Christmas trees are accepted for recycling as mulch. Mulched trees and yard brush are available year-round to residents.

Effective Date: June 14, 2016

Rate Addt’l Info
0.325 Per Pound / $65 Per Ton $10.00 Minimum Charge
$1.50 Per Passenger / Truck Tire +$5.00 With Wheel
$6.00 Per Medium / Heavy Truck Tire +$5.00 With Wheel
.27 Cents Per Gallon / In Town Septic 200 Gallon Minimum Charge
.40 Cents Per Gallon / Out of Town Septic 200 Gallon Minimum Charge


To contact the Solid Waste Services Department call 432-336-3954


Department Supervisor


Phone: (432) 336-3092

Fax: (432) 336-3084


In August 2009, Sanitation Services started its recycling program for cardboard, paper, and magazines.  As of January 2010 it expanded  to include a 96-gallon Big Blue recycling roll cart for small commercial accounts and 3 cubic yard containers for large commercial accounts. You can now recycle more items with your Big Blue recycling roll cart  or container and there is no need to separate! Just put all cardboard, paper, newsprint, magazines, envelopes, phone books and shredded paper only, into the same Big Blue recycling roll cart or container and place it out every week on your recycling day for collection. It couldn’t be easier!

Order your recycling cart now! To find your days of service for Recycling call 432-336-8525

Recycling Center

As the newest feature of the city’s recycling program, you can now drop-off plastic containers with the recycling symbol for numbers 1-7, bottles and jars of any color, aluminum, tin, and steel containers, office paper, window envelopes, magazines, phone books, catalogues, paperback books, and brown paper bags in the appropriately marked containers.  All like recyclable materials (all plastic types together, all paper types together, all cardboard types together) can be placed in the container in the same “single stream” style. In addition to the new and more user friendly containers.  All locations will remain available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All metals are to be recycled at the city landfill.  Please visit our new and improved drop-off site today. It’s convenient for you and good for our environment.

Used motor oil must be recycled at the City Yard Maintenance Shop.  No more than 5 gallons at any one time.

For more information on the City of Fort Stockton drop-off recycling program or if your facility would be interested in sponsoring a site, please contact us at (432) 336-8525 ext. 12.




City Yard 604 North Valentine 79735
City Landfill 3400 Stone Road 79735

Recycling Questions:

Contact the Solid Waste Services Department at (432) 336-8525.

Streets Department

Department Supervisor

 Roy Mendoza

Phone: (432) 336-3092

Fax: (432) 336-3084



The mission of the Streets Division is to provide quality service relating to the maintenance of the city’s infrastructure, improving the quality of life for citizens through timely response, and recognition of present and future needs.


Welcome to the Street Maintenance Department! We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of service and ensuring that street rehabilitation projects are completed on time and within budget. Within the City, there are more than 80 centerline miles of city streets and alleyways for which the Street Maintenance Division is charged with maintaining and rehabilitating.

Currently, the 2009-2013 Capital Improvement Plan(CIP), a plan which is approved by City Council annually, provides guidance on the projects to be completed during the current and upcoming fiscal years.  The CIP was developed to enable divisions in Public Works (Streets, Water, Wastewater, and Gas) to coordinate efforts and eliminate redundancy in planning. The CIP is a rolling, 5-year plan which calls for additional projects to be added to the program each upcoming year during budget season.

Street Services

The Streets Division of the Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining and preserving city streets which is achieved through:

  • Periodic inspections
  • Street sweeping
  • The roadside drainage maintenance program
  • Graffiti removal (on public property)
  • The routine maintenance program

E-mail your comments or concerns regarding City construction projects, street conditions, water or sanitary sewer services or drainage to Department Supervisor Roy Mendoza at

To request services that do not involve a hazardous situation, call 432-336-8525 or make a request via the Web to the Public Works Department.

To request a service for traffic control devices (stop signs, traffic lights, pavement markings, turn lanes, speed limits, and speed bumps) and street lights, call 432-336-8525.

To make inquiries or complaints about work done by the Street Services Department, call 432-336-8525.


The Street Services Department responds to many types of emergency situations, including all types of emergency street repair needs.  Telephones are answered around the clock and crews are dispatched immediately for hazardous situations.

TO REPORT ANY OF THE FOLLOWING HAZARDOUS SITUATIONS call 432-336-8525 or after hours call 432-336-4600.

  • Dangerous pot holes
  • Stopped up street drains or flooding
  • Debris blocking streets, alleys or creeks
  • Loose or missing storm sewer lids
  • Missing or damaged guard rails


The Department of Street Services is responsible for the mowing of public property.  For visibility obstructions and other hazards to public streets, contact the City Services (432-336-8525).

Median and Right-of-Way Mowing
Medians and rights-of-way (ROW) are mowed on a rotating cycle between February and November of each year.  Allowing for delays because of weather, each median and right-of-way will be mowed between 10 and 15 times during the growing season.

Median and ROW mowing consists of the following activities:

  • Picking up and removing litter
  • Mowing
  • Edging every other mowing cycle
  • Trimming around landscaping, signs, poles, etc.
  • Removing grass clippings from streets, gutters, and concrete portions of medians
  • Removing litter scraps unintentionally mowed

Herbiciding is done to minimize tall broad leaf weeds.  Herbiciding is done on concrete medians to kill unwanted growth.

Private Responsibilities
Private property owners are responsible for maintaining and mowing parkways adjacent to city streets.

The Code Compliance Department enforces this City Code requirement.

Street and Alley Repair Street/Alley repair, including pot holes, is the responsibility of Street Services Department.  Maintenance and repair requests should be directed to the City Services at 432-336-8525.


Street Repairs

Report street repairs, including repairs to potholes to City Services at 432-336-8525.  Please indicate if the repair need is HAZARDOUS so an Emergency response crew can be immediately dispatched.  Routine repairs will be performed as workloads permit.

Alley Repairs

To obtain alley repairs call City Services at 432-336-8525.  The Department of Street Services will inspect the location and schedule repairs as needed.

Sidewalk or Drive Approach Repairs / Replacements

The adjacent property owner is responsible for all repairs or replacement of sidewalks and drive approaches.  Hazardous conditions should be reported to the City Services at 432-336-8525.  Street Services will make temporary repairs with asphalt or barricade the sidewalk to make it safe and notify the property owner(s) of the need to make the necessary repairs.

Permanent repairs made with concrete may be done by the property owner or a private contractor provided a permit is issued by the City of Fort Stockton Code Enforcement Office.

Curb Repairs / Replacements

Curb repair or replacement is only done where the curb is hazardous or where curb displacement is causing a significant standing water problem.  Curb repair concerns should be called in to City Services at 432-336-8525.  The Department of Street Services will make a determination of the need.

Water Utilities Departments 

Department Superintendent Carlos Lopez

Carlos Lopez

Phone: (432) 290-1409

Fax: (432) 336-3084



To be an efficient provider of superior water and wastewater service and a leader in the water industry.

  • Provide services vital to the health and safety of Fort Stockton citizens and our customers;
  • Provide excellent response to the needs of our customers at a fair and reasonable cost;
  • Value and respect our employees;
  • Continuously plan for the future.

The Water and Sewer Department is charged with the maintenance and construction of approximately 100 miles of all water distribution facilities, including over 3000 water taps. The City is currently providing water service to areas inside and outside the City limits. The Water and Sewer Department is also responsible for the maintenance and construction of approximately 100 miles of sewer collections systems, including over 3000 sewer taps.

The City currently provides sewer service to areas inside the City Limits. On a daily basis the water sewer department responds to citizen’s requests such as water leaks, sewer leaks, sewer odors, and manhole overflow and we repair lines whenever necessary. To report all after hours and holiday emergency’s call 432-336-4600.

Monthly Payment Rates

Effective October 1, 2013

The rates to be charged by the City of Fort Stockton, Texas, to consumers of water furnished by said City inside its corporate city limits shall be:


Residential Inside City Limits

Date Effective Oct-2015
Minimum charge for all Meter Sizes
0 2000 gallons $15.15
Consumption Charge (per Thousand gallons)
2001 3000 gallons $2.67
3001 5000 gallons $2.72
5001 8000 gallons $2.74
8001 10000 gallons $2.91
10001 15000 gallons $3.08
15001 20000 gallons $3.26
20001 50000 gallons $3.51
50001 100000 gallons $3.71
100001 Greater gallons $4.03

Commercial & Governmental I.C.L.

Date Effective Oct- 2015
Minimum charge for all Meter Sizes
0 2000 gallons $22.92
Consumption Charge (per Thousand gallons)
2001 3000 gallons $2.68
3001 15000 gallons $2.72
15001 30000 gallons $2.76
30001 50000 gallons $2.79
50001 100000 gallons $2.83
100001 Greater gallons $2.86

Prison Facilities

Date Effective Oct-2015
Minimum charge for all Meter Sizes
0 2000 gallons $22.92
Consumption Charge (per Thousand gallons)
2001 Greater gallons $4.15


Water Treatment Plant

Reverse Osmosis Plant


Office: (432) 336-8525

Fax: (432) 336-6273


The City of Fort Stockton Water Treatment Plant provides the Citizens with safe and affordable drinking water. Our treatment plant is a reverse osmosis process and can process up to 7 million gallons of water per 24 hour period, with the capacity to store 5 million gallons in ground storage tanks.

The water plant staff is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to answer any questions you may have about your drinking water. If you have a concern about the quality of your drinking water please contact the plant.


Waste Water Treatment Facility

Department Supervisor

Federico (Fed) Valenzuela

Phone: (432) 251-9677

Fax: (432) 336-3084



To provide wastewater treatment services for the citizens of Fort Stockton, while being cost effective and ensuring the health and safety of the public as well as the receiving waters. If you have any concerns or questions about your wastewater treatment, please give us a call, we are available twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week.


The City’s WWTF consists of two wastewater treatment plants treating up to 1.4million gallons per day, and over 100 miles of sanitary sewer collection pipelines. The Wastewater Treatment Facility administers and enforces the regulations in order to:

  • Protect the City’s wastewater collection systems, treatment plants, and workers
  • Allow the beneficial re-use of bio-solids

Allow the reclamation of treated effluent for irrigation and other uses.

WWTFs are designed to treat typical household wastes and biodegradable commercial and industrial wastes. Commercial and industrial facilities that discharge toxic pollutants to the treatment plants may be very detrimental to treatment plant processes and the environment. Customers which discharge pollutants into the WWTF are required to install, operate, and adequately maintain pretreatment equipments to remove pollutants that could otherwise damage, obstruct, interfere with, or pass through the WWTF. Examples of such pollutants include heavy metals, cyanides, toxic organics, and acidic or basic wastes from industrial operations. Heavy metals and some organic chemicals which cannot be treated by the biological treatment process can threaten the bacteria which are necessary to the treatment process at the wastewater treatment plants.

Wastewaters from restaurants and other food service industries are often more problematic due to the prevalence of conventional pollutants such as grease, organic matter and solids. Grease can clog and overload the sewer system. Processing these food contaminants raises the cost of treating wastewater, therefore a pretreatment process such as a grease trap is required. The pretreatment process protects the treatment process and keeps costs down by working with local businesses to minimize pollutant discharges.

Monthly Payment Rates
Effective October 1, 2013

The rates to be charged by the City of Fort Stockton, Texas, to consumers of wastewater services by said City inside its corporate city limits shall be:

Residential Inside City Limits
Date Effective Oct-2015
Minimum charge for all Meter Sizes
0 2000 gallons $18.56
Consumption Charge (per Thousand gallons)
2001 3000 gallons $0.60
3001 5000 gallons $0.60
5001 8000 gallons $0.60
8001 10000 gallons $0.60
10001 15000 gallons $0.60
15001 20000 gallons $0.60
20001   Greater gallons $0.00
Commercial & Governmental I.C.L.
Date Effective Oct-2015
Minimum charge for all Meter Sizes
0 2000 gallons $27.09
Consumption Charge (per Thousand gallons)
2001 Greater gallons $1.38
Prison Facilities
Date Effective 13-Oct
Minimum charge for all Meter Sizes
0 2000 gallons $40.64
Consumption Charge (per Thousand gallons)
2001 Greater gallons $2.07

Managing Fats, Oils, and Grease in Wastewater

One facet of that duty Wastewater Treatment Facility is preventing introduction of excessive oil and grease waste into the City’s sanitary sewer system and wastewater treatment plant. Excessive oil and grease wastes have the potential for creating hazardous conditions in the wastewater collection system, treatment plant NPDES violations, increased treatment costs, regulatory fines, and other costs for the City.

The Oil and Grease Removal policy is designed to implement and enforce the oil and grease discharge rules of the City Ordinance Chapter 11, Article II, Section (11-29).

Helpful Links For Managing Fats, Oils, and Grease in Wastewater:


Gas Department

Department Supervisor

Marcos Tovar

Phone: (432) 336-3092

Fax: (432) 336-3084



The Gas Department’s Mission is TO PROVIDE uninterrupted natural gas service safely and efficiently, TO SERVE our customers in a courteous & timely manner, and TO EXCEL in the pursuit of a safe environment for the citizens of Fort Stockton.


  • Residential & Commercial
  • 24-hour Emergency Service
  • Home Appliance Lighting.
  • The Community Action Services, assists low income families with a portion of their natural gas utility bill during the winter. For assistance, call 432-336-7526
  • CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) Fueling Station: In the near future the Gas Department will be offering CNG to the public as an Alternative Vehicle Fuel.
  • Natural Gas Line Location: If you are going to be excavating in your yard or within utility easements, please contact the Dig Tess at 1-800-344-8377 for a free utility line location within 48 hours.
  • Call 432-336-8525 for community awareness presentations.


The rates to be charged to consumers of natural gas within and without corporate limits of the City of Fort Stockton, Texas, shall be:

  1. Minimum bill will include the actual cost of gas based on monthly index price from West Texas Gas plus a marginal service adjustment of Nineteen Dollars and Thirty-Nine Cents ($19.39) for the first MCF of gas; each MCF thereafter, will include the monthly index amount plus One Dollar and Eighty-Four Cents ($1.84).
  2. In the future if a change in rates to consumers of natural gas within and without corporate limits is required, the cost of gas shall be the combined cost of gas from the alternate source and West Texas Gas Company plus the transportation charge, as authorized by the Purchase Agreement from West Texas Gas Company for deliveries to Fort Stockton during the current month, plus a five percent (5 %) charge for unaccounted gas loss and a three dollar and ten cent ($3.10) cost of service.


The Dig-Tess Center is a damage prevention service to help excavators throughout Texas notify the owners of buried facilities before digging.  The service is 100 percent free to excavators by calling 1-800-DIG-TESS.

Texas Excavation Safety System, Inc. is a non-profit corporation formed by member companies to prevent damage to underground facilities.  In operation since 1987, TESS covers the entire State of Texas.  Members have facilities in all 254 Texas counties.


Stages of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning


Warning Signs Time


No effect 8 hours


Possible mild frontal headache 2 to 3 hours


Frontal headache and nausea 1 to 2 hours


Occipital headache and nausea 2.5 to 3.5 hours


Headache, dizziness and nausea 20 minutes


Collapse, possible death 2 hours


Headache, dizziness 5 to 10 minutes


Unconscious and in danger 10 to 15 minutes


Unconscious almost instantly, death imminent 1 to 3 minutes

These values are approximate and vary as to the individual’s state of health and physical activities.

 *ppm – parts per million – Gas concentration volume measurement

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