City Secretary

The City Secretary in Fort Stockton, Texas plays a crucial role in the local government by overseeing various administrative functions and ensuring transparency and compliance with legal requirements. The City Secretary is responsible for maintaining official records, preparing agendas for city council meetings, recording meeting minutes, and handling public information requests.

The City Secretary is a statutory position required by State Law and is one of 3 Officers appointed by City Council in accordance with the City Charter.  

In efforts to enhance the City of Fort Stockton, the City Secretary's Office has achieved one of the city's largest milestones ever by organizing an election to consider a Home Rule Charter, that was voted on and passed in the November 8, 2022, Special Election. Through passing this charter, the city will have more control in the future developments of zones and ordinances that affect the growth of the city. 

The City Secretary is the local official that administers the City Elections, administers access to city records, acts as the recorder and preserver of local government history, and facilitates the City's legislative process ensuring transparency to the public.  The City Secretary acts as a compliance officer for federal, state and local statutes including the Texas Public Information Act and the Texas Open Meetings Act. The City Secretary also manages public inquiries and relationships and arranges for ceremonial and official functions.

The City Secretary’s Office provides access to public records and responds to requests for public information; responsible for providing administrative and support services to the Mayor and City Council; responsible for organizing, disseminating, archiving, maintaining, storing, and securing all official city records and documents in a systematic and easily accessible manner to preserve and protect the City’s history; responsible for preparing City Council Meeting and Work Session Agendas, posting, publishing, and recording all official actions of the City Council; responsible for maintaining the City Code for the City of Fort Stockton.

The City Secretary provides Legislative and Administrative support to the Mayor and City Council while responsible for the following:
  • Board and Commission Appointment Process: Recruitment, Applications, and Training.  The City Secretary is the Boards and Commissions Liaison for the City Council.
  • Serves as the Records Management Officer (RMO) overseeing the Records Management Programs. The City Secretary manages the proper maintenance and disposition of City records and information according to statute and helps to preserve City History.
  • Serves as the Public Information Officer and is responsible for Official Communications of the City including Public Relations and Publications.
  • Serves as the City's Chief Elections Officer and is responsible for the administration of City Elections.
  • Facilitates the Preparation of Council Meeting Agendas, Packets, and Minutes.
  • Processes alcoholic beverage permit requests and collects beverage. 

      Admin Assistant
           Sheila Lehnert
Phone: 432-336-8525, Ext. 116

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