The Utility Department at the City of Fort Stockton, TX is responsible for providing essential services to residents and businesses in the area. This department manages various utilities such as water, sewer, and trash services to ensure that the community has access to reliable and safe resources.

In addition to managing utilities, the Utility Department handles billing inquiries, account management, and customer service for residents and businesses in Fort Stockton. They assist customers with setting up new accounts, processing payments, addressing service disruptions, and resolving any issues related to utility services.

Within the last two years, the Public Utility Department has converted all water meters to an AMI system, so they can be read effectively and efficiently to streamline this process. This department handles all aspects of public utilities starting with the quotes for installation of new services, setup of new utility accounts for all monthly billing and operations once the new account is set up. This department is also the front line of City Hall, answering all calls, and assisting customers in the lobby from the simple monthly payment and logging some of the most complicated complaints. Offering five convenient payment methods, this department strives to make the growth of Fort Stockton as streamlined as possible for new residential and commercial clients.

Water Services: The Utility Department oversees the distribution of clean and safe drinking water to residents in Fort Stockton. They are responsible for maintaining water quality standards, repairing water mains, and ensuring adequate water pressure throughout the city.

Services provided include:
        - Processing Utility payments
        - Establishing new services
        - Sanitation Services
        - Monthly billing for water and wastewater

If you are needing to start a new residential utility account, please print this form. Fill it out and bring it back to City Hall and pay the necessary fees to start services. A valid copy of a driver's license and/or identification card is required with this application. 

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 Utility Billing Clerk
         Brenda Madrid
Billing Clerk  

Phone: (432) 336-8525 Ext. 117
Email: BrMadrid@cityfs.net

     Utility Clerk
      Anieleka Estrada
Utility Dept

Phone: (432) 336-8525 Ext. 104
Email: anestrada@cityfs.net

      Utility Clerk
    Lucero Bustillos

Phone: (432) 336-8525 Ext. 105
Email: lubustillos@cityfs.net

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