About Fort Stockton

Fort Stockton is a city in Texas. It has many popular attractions, including Giant Road Runner, Annie Riggs Memorial Museum, Historic Old Pecos County Jail. Fort Stockton (named Camp Stockton until 1860) grew up around Comanche Springs, one of the largest sources of spring water in Texas. The fort was named for First Lieutenant Edward Dorsey Stockton of the US 1st infantry. By 1870, the area population was about 420 residents, most of whom had come from San Antonio. At this time, farmers were using water from the Pecos River for irrigation, and the land utilized for farming was about 7,000 acres. When Pecos County was organized the following year, Saint Gaul became the county seat. By 1875, about 1,100 people were living in the county. The name Saint Gaul was never popular with the residents, and on August 13, 1881, it was changed officially to Fort Stockton.

Municipal Services

The City of Fort Stockton was chartered for the purpose of providing its residents with the following services: police protection, water service, garbage collection, recycle collection, landfill, parks, airport, golf course, recreational programs, Public Library, Convention Center, Splash Park, cemeteries and the care of streets and sidewalks.

These services and more can be explored by navigating through all of the city departments here.

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